Special Arrangements

The Real Apprenticeship Company Ltd (TRAC) recognises that end-point assessment is the criteria which a learner must demonstrate to evidence occupational competence. The opportunity to undertake the end-point assessment must be available to all those who have the potential to achieve the standard. 

The promotion of access and fair assessment acknowledges that there is a diverse range of candidates with different needs. Candidates with specific assessment requirements in relation, for example, to learning difficulties, visual or hearing impairment, mental illness, or English as an additional language - may need to use alternative means of providing evidence. Different approaches and support will be provided to allow each candidate to demonstrate their competence.


TRAC will ensure that proposed assessment methods are of equal quality and rigour to those for mainstream candidates to demonstrate that the candidate has achieved the national standard. It is of paramount importance that learners and employers have confidence in the standards and end-point assessment processes and procedures which TRAC delivers.  We are committed to ensuring that learner assessment and its consequences are managed effectively and consistently.

To view and download the full policy, click here.

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